Michalis is endorsing Vintage Revolution's: Pedal Pro - Pedalino and Acoustic Box

The combination of PedalPro™, Pedalino™ and the Acoustic Box™ offers a complete solution for the acoustic instruments musician.

 PedalPro™ is the world's first ever digitally-controlled pure analogue multi-effect. Up to 14 classic analog effects (such as optical phaser, BBD chorus and delay, Fasel-based filter, JFET distortion, optical noise gate, etc.) are integrated into this groundbreaking device, each controlled, stored and recalled via a central digital interface.

A revolutionary machine needs a revolutionary controller. Pedalino™, VR's ground-breaking foot controller, redefines creative control with a radical new, ergonomic shape and intelligent software.

The Acoustic Box™ by Vintage Revolution is a powerful integration of a preamp, a parametric equaliser and a DI. The first ever device of its kind, the Acoustic Box allows you to producestudio-quality sound while playing in a live performance environment.

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